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What We Do?

CurePlus is next generation health care service providers; we help common man an easy access to emergency medicine and other medical services.

Cureplus is the best affordable healthcare available today. Our mobile application gives access to healthcare services at affordable price. It covers basic elements such as booking doctor appointments to complex element as finding a blood donor or emergency medicine.

CurePlus is your health partner who assists you in keeping you and your family healthy and sound. We also give you add-on like access to Health insurance, EMRMS, E wallet where you can earn your medical expenses.

Our services includes diagnostic centers, blood banks & donor, pharmacy and doctors nearby Bangalore. Get access to various insurance companies and choose the best health insurance for you and your family with best discounts. Have access to emergency medicine or pharmacy 24/7. Enjoy the advantage of multiple payment gateways. Know your Doctors better. Become a blood bank yourself. Help – connect – refer-Donate and save lives. Easy and hassle free system for doctors/patients. E-wallet within the app where you can store credits and use it with our various healthcare services. Earn vouchers, gifts, credits and more.

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Latest from our blog

All you need to know about polycystic ovary syndrome (Pcos)

Posted In: Gynecologist & Obstetrician

What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)?


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a health-related problem which usually affects women’s:   


·         Appearance

·         Menstrual cycle

·         Hormones

·         Ability to bear children

·         Heart

·         Blood vessels


Women suffering from PCOS/PCOD will have these signs given below:


·         Many small cysts in their ovaries along with fluid-filled sacs.
·         Secretion of higher levels of male hormones, “androgens.”
          An irregular pattern of periods (menstrual cycle).


What the major causes of PCOS?


Although the actual causes of PCOS are not known according to the experts, several factors such as genetics could result in this condition. Women suffering from PCOS are expected to have a sister or mother with the same syndrome. Now its very easy to find blood donors in Bangalore with Cureplusapp. 


The major problem related to PCOS is a hormonal imbalance. Women’s ovaries in this condition produce more androgen than normal. Androgens are male hormones that females also produce. High levels production of these hormones influences the development as well as the release of eggs during ovulation.


What can high levels of androgen result in?


·         Excessive hair growth (facial)

·         Weight gain

·         Acne

·         Problems with ovulation


What is the ratio of women with PCOS?


Every 1 woman in 10 and 1 in 20 women at their childbearing age suffer from PCOS. It can even victimize a girl as young as 11 years old.


Signs and Symptoms of PCOS or PCOD


The appearance of symptoms can vary from one woman to another. Some common signs of the polycystic ovary syndrome are given below:


·         Absence, infrequent, or irregular menstrual periods

·         Infertility because of a hindrance to ovulation process.

·         Increased hair growth on the chest, face, stomach, thumbs, back, or legs.

·         Pelvic pain

·         Acne, dandruff, or oily skin

·         Thinning hair or male-pattern baldness

·         Cysts on the ovaries

·         Weight gain or obesity

·         Depression or anxiety

·         Excess flaps of skin in the armpits or around neck area


How to diagnose PCOS?


No single test can diagnose PCOS, Health expert has to take several steps to confirm whether you have PCOS or the symptoms are because of something else.


Medical History – Doctor will ask you questions about your menstrual periods, weight alteration, and other relevant symptoms.


Physical examination – Doctor will check your blood pressure, waist size, and body mass index (BMI). The doctor will also check the area where hair growth has increased.


Pelvic examination – Doctor might check if your ovaries have grown enlarged or swollen because of the increased number of small cysts.


Blood tests – Through your blood tests, the doctor may check the level androgen hormone or glucose.


Ultrasound – Doctor may carry out a test that uses sound waves to visualize your pelvic area. It is used to examine your ovaries for cysts and check the endometrium.


What are treatments for PCOS?


Due to unavailability of any permanent cure for PCOS, it has to be managed to avoid further problems. Treatments are based on your symptoms, urge to get pregnant, and reducing the chances of you getting diabetes and heart disease. Many women have to undergo the combination of treatments to meet these goals.


Here are the treatments:


Changing lifestyle – Most of the women with PCOS are obese or overweight, which can lead to different health problems. You can manage PCOS by opting healthy eating and exercising daily to keep your perfect weight managed.


·         Avoid processed foods and added sugars eatable.


·        Include more fruits, vegetables, whole-grain products and lean meats in your daily diet.

·         Birth control pills can reduce the production of male hormone, control menstrual cycles and help to reduce acne.


Fertility drugs - Infertility in a woman with PCOS is usually due to the lack of ovulation. Several drugs are available that can trigger ovulation and hence help women to get pregnant. IVF – In vitro fertilization is another option that offers the best opportunity for women to become pregnant in given cycle. But, this process is very costly.


Surgery – The chance of ovulation can also increase with the help of surgery which is called as “Ovarian drilling”. This surgery can lower down the production of male hormones and help with ovulation.


Various drugs are available in the market for increased hair growth or male hormones. These medicines are called as anti-androgens and it can reduce hair growth as well as acne.

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Easy ways to keep fit when sit & work whole day

Posted In: Dietician-Nutritionist

According to studies, most people sit for more than nine hours a day. A constant desk sitting makes people gain weight every second due to their poor eating habit and sedentary lifestyle.

Hours of sitting at a desk not only make you feel restless and tired but it also makes them feel hungrier at the same time and they end up munching on unhealthy snacks, which results in weight gain. Find doctor nearby in Bangalore with Cureplus


Listed, below are the important steps by which one can keep himself fit:


·        Avoid skipping breakfast: Skipping breakfast won’t help in reducing weight but rather make metabolism to slow down. The urge of eating fatty foods increases by skipping breakfast.


·         Be on your feet as much as possible: Studies suggest that the more move on your feet the more active you will feel. Try to walk whenever you get time such as during lunch breaks. Choose stairs over elevators or escalators to climb up or come down. Keep a tab on the steps count and aim for 10, 000 steps a day.


·         Move around at your work: breaking-up with a sedentary lifestyle is a major step to stay fit as well as healthy. Make sure you leave your seat after every hour or so. Do not depend on attendant or anyone to grab your stuff stand-up and do self-service.


·         Keep yourself hydrated: By increasing your water intake you’re helping your body to release out the toxins through sweat and urination. Water is not only good the skin but it also promotes weight loss.


·         Munch on healthy snacks: Try opting healthy snacking habits such as apple, almond, roasted chana etc. Avoid packed and processed food, namkeens, biscuits, etc as all these add-ons to weight gain.


·         Practice desk exercises or stretches: one should always practice desk exercises while at work like stretching of arms, sides, face exercise, touch your toes, etc so that you shouldn’t feel tired and restless.


·         Get lunch along at work: People very easily can fall prey into the habit of eating outside which are high in calories and result in weight gain. So, make sure you pack your lunch for work you can opt healthy lunch such as vegetables, veg sandwich, lettuce wrap, any veg with roti, any dal and roti, toast with eggs, etc.


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8 tips to develop good running form

Posted In: Physiotherapist

Running is the most effective and easily accessible form of exercise, as you can run anytime, anywhere, and with very little need of equipment.


Whether you run or jog? Run outdoors or on the treadmills, it doesn’t matter but while running one must have a good running form to avail all the benefits doing it. Proper running form not only helps you run faster but it also reduces the risk of any injuries. Book an online doctor appointment in Bangalore with Cureplus


Here are eight ways to improve your running form, and run injury-free every step you take forward.


1.      Relax your upper body and hands


According to experts, one has to maintain a relaxed upper body while running, especially your hands and arms. If your hands and arms are tense, you might over-compensate with rest of your body and cause an injury. So, they advise keeping your hands loose and just below your chest. Watch over your hands shouldn’t cross your midline and don’t let your hands punch forward, doing both can throw off your gait.


2.      Keep your knees, feet, and hips in an alignment


The best running tip is having an alignment of knees, feet, and hips. One should stay aligned while running to avoid joint pain in the knees and hips. When you run, look down at your feet and make sure they are hitting the ground below your knees, neither away from knees or in front of your knees. If you do this, you’ll realize that you maintain short, faster strides, as compared to longer strides, which don’t propel you forward but prepare you for injury as you over-stressed the wrong muscles.


3.      Keep your head level


When you run, be sure that your head is in a neutral position with your ears aligned with your shoulders. Try not to tilt your head up or down. Make sure you look around 20 feet ahead of you.


4.      Maintain a strong core


Maintaining a strong care is an important element in any workout, and so running is no exception. Having strong abdominal muscles help in supporting the back so that one stay straight more easily, while strong glutes help in focusing on using leg muscles so that you don’t put much stress on your hips.


5.      Keep your hips level


Avoid moving your hips too much sideways as you swing your legs.


6.      Try not to strike your heel


When your foot strikes the ground in front of your hips and body, this is called as heel striking. In this way, you are trying to push yourself forward from behind, which is not only difficult but also a dangerous way to run.


7.      Maintain your posture straight


For best performance as well as injury-free run you should remember to keep your body posture straight as you run, bending forward slightly as you move forward. First of all, you would be able to breathe properly as your chest is open, and running straight also helps in achieving proper alignment of your spine so that you can run more safely and efficiently.


8.      Find the right running shoes


Off course, having the right shoes matters a lot in proper running, but just in case your sneakers don’t support your body, don’t hug your feet properly and don’t cushion your feet than you need to buy a new pair. As wrong shoes can make suffer and you’re more likely to get an injury.

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