About Us

The world is fast moving alongside the rate of healthcare issues are vast. Our world has developed but still today it’s difficult for the common man to find the right treatment. We believe all mankind have right to proper healthcare treatments be it medicine or a doctor.

In India we find there is growth and new approach towards health care but still we find a gap where people are stuck with lack of information and knowledge with regards to doctors and treatments. Alongside these there is always financial limitation that filters access to medical facilities and health care industry.

about us

“It seems quite pointless to waste health relentlessly in order to earn money that we shall spend on recovering health.”

Eraldo Banovac

What Are We?


CurePlus pvt.ltd is next generation health care service providers; we help common man an easy access to emergency medicine and other medical services.

CurePlus is a mobile application which gives access to healthcare services at affordable price. It covers basic elements such as booking doctor appointments to complex element as finding a blood donor or emergency medicine.

CurePlus is not just a mobile application but your health partner who assists you in keeping you and your family healthy and sound. We also give you add-on like access to Health insurance, EMRMS, E wallet where you can earn your medical expenses.