Eat right to keep your smile bright

Posted in dental health

A healthy smile is not only limited to brushing and cleaning teeth regularly but every bite you eat also affects the oral health. So, be very wise while choosing food to munch on. 

Given below are some important dietary guidelines to improve oral health.


1.      Keep yourself hydrated

Water is not only an essential component to keep your body healthy, but also to keep your smile bright as always. It helps in brushing away food particles. Fluoride present in water helps to reduce cavities risk.


2.      Fat fiber and wholegrain

High-fiber foods induce saliva flow that protects your teeth. Wholegrain foods such as bananas, apples, peanuts, almonds, and oranges, are really beneficial for teeth, gums, and bones.


3.      Try to avoid snacking between meals

It takes around 20-30 minutes for saliva to start protecting your teeth after a meal. If you have three meals a day without any snacks, it will provide the much-needed time for saliva to protect teeth.


4.      Cut down acidic foods and drinks

Dental erosion causes because of softening and subsequent wearing off of the tooth surface. This condition is caused by exposure to acidic drinks and foods.


5.      Limit foods high in refined sugars

Natural sugar is better for your health and teeth compared to refined sugar. Try to maintain a good distance from snacks including lollies and sweets.


6.      Consume foods rich in calcium

Calcium is highly needed for strong and healthy teeth. Sources of calcium are broccoli, yogurt, cheese, and almonds.


7.      Chew sugar-free gum

Gum has a cleansing effect on teeth and encourages saliva flow. Chewing xylitol gum has potentially shown a positive result in a decrease a number of bacteria in the mouth and also buffers the teeth against the effects of acid.


8.      Be aware of hard foods

Biting on hard foods such as lollies and ice cubes can damage the teeth as well as fillings.


9.      Healthy diet is essential for gum health

Taking a well-balanced diet can help in resisting gum disease and oral soft tissue infections. Malnutrition can intensify periodontal diseases.


10.  Quit alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol, tobacco, and coffee can cause staining to teeth and certain chemicals present in them can even lead to wear of teeth.