How to energize your body

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We are always in need of energy to walk, work, eat, talk, and to do our daily activities. Low energy levels mean feeling lethargic and weak. So don’t let your low energy to become a barrier from letting you do things you want. Enjoy the affordable health care in Bangalore. Here are effective ways to boost your energy level and rejuvenate your body.


·         Improve digestion

If you often suffer from poor digestion, you need to improve it through the right herbs and healthy diet. Ayurvedic herbs such as pippli, bilva, suntha, and kutaj promote digestion and better assimilation, which result in higher energy levels.


·         Avoid antibiotics as well as junk food

Regular consumption of junk foods will risk your intestines with lack of sufficient quantities of good bacteria. Take lactobacillus acidophilus through supplement such as yogurt.


·         Drink sufficient amounts of water

We all fail to drink sufficient water on our daily basis. Usually, thirst is mistaken for hunger and we end up eating rather than drinking water. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water also helps balance electrolytes, re-hydrates the cells, and cleanses the kidneys.


·         Detoxify liver

Energy levels also depend on proper functioning of the liver. The liver plays an essential role in metabolizing fat and is involved in the purifying your blood and cleansing of toxins. Detoxify your liver with the help of right foods and herbs. Wheat-grass juice is a highly effective liver detoxifier.


·         Have an adequate sleep

If we are not having an adequate sleep, no amount of right foods or vitamins will help you feel energetic. So, to feel energetic whole day one should have 6-7 hours of sleep.


·         Avoid stimulants

Temporary stimulants such as tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol may whip the body to work harder and cause chronic fatigue if used for a longer period of time.


·         Manage stress

Stress tends to zap your energy; having correct food in your diet helps the body manage stress better. Practicing pranayama and meditation are the best way to combat stress.


·         Eat food in its natural form

Eat whole grains like bajra, jowar, whole pulses, brown rice, whole fruits, seeds, and nuts. These are loaded with the goodness of nature and energize the system.


·         Limit sugar intake

Sugar may be the instant source of energy but in the long run, it limits your lifespan and makes you tired more easily.


·         Drink a raw veggie juice

Raw veggie juice will increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood and boost your energy levels.