Know why you are more prone to cavities

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From brushing your teeth twice a day to make sure floss reaching every nook and cranny in your oral cavity, and you might even rinse your mouth to top it off. But still, you’ve had your share of cavities.

Maybe you have friends or family members who are not as diligent as you are when it comes to oral hygiene but yet they don’t face cavities as often as you do. You would always want to why it is so?

Some people are more prone to cavities for various reasons, and not all reasons are associated with improper teeth cleaning. Learn some of the important reasons for the same.


The reason why you are more susceptible to cavities could be as simple as the food you are eating. Snacking over sugar-loaded eatables is a major issue when it comes to healthy teeth as well as gums and it should be the thing you should exclude from your diet for the sake of your teeth. Limiting the consumption of sugary foods and carbohydrates reduces the availability of fuel for destructive bacteria that multiply and erode tooth enamel – the protective layer of teeth.


The foods one should avoid include sweets, juices, sodas, and carbohydrates such as white bread. To fight cavities, switch these sugary eatables with fruits and vegetables that are low in sugars, and drink plenty of water to wash away food debris and sugars that may be resting in between your teeth.


Oral bacteria

Presence of more aggressive microbes or oral bacteria than others when reacting with sugars in the mouth makes a person more prone to teeth cavities. This means that such people harbor more damaging bacteria in their oral cavities as compared to people who are less susceptible to cavities. To get rid of destructive bacteria, one should couple your daily brushing and flossing routine with a regular oral rinse that combats cavities by improving the tooth’s natural protection.


Dry mouth  

Saliva has minerals that help neutralize acids and reconstruct tooth enamel. In the absence of regular flow of saliva, your ability to prevent decay is suffered. Various reasons could be involved in drying your mouths, such as certain medications, chemotherapy, and some diseases. To prevent dry mouth drink lots of water throughout the day and rinse your mouth with enamel enhancing mouthwash.


Gum recession

Receding gums can cause exposed tooth root, which is not covered by enamel. This means the base of the tooth is highly susceptible and any bacteria can easily attack, which leads to cavities. In such condition, lightly brush your teeth with an ultra soft toothbrush to prevent further recession.


Tooth shape


People having teeth with naturally deep grooves are more prone to cavities because these teeth tend to catch sugars, food particles and destructive bacteria more easily. It becomes really difficult to clean these grooves properly and they are closer to the root of the tooth so any erosion tends to have more destructive results. Make sure you clean these troublesome teeth shapes properly twice a day and no food particles should be left behind after eating is the best to protect your teeth from cavities.