Simple remedies to deal with eye allergies

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Having eye allergies could be incredibly uncomfortable. This eye condition is very common due to changing seasons and increasing pollution, especially in people who are having the systemic allergy such as skin allergy, breathing problem etc.

One must know both prevention and treatment of eye allergies in order to fight seasonal eye allergies. Use the following simple tips to soothe your eye irritations related to allergies.


  • Apply a cold compress – Take a clean washcloth soaked in cold water and apply it over your eyes. This can relieve puffiness and soothe itchy eyes.


  • Damp tea bags – Application of cool damp tea bags over your eyes for 2-5 minutes can soothe swollen eyes.


  • Keep your face and hands clean – Wash your face and hands frequently to provide dust and molds-free surroundings to your eyes.


  • Use sunglasses – Make sure you wear sunglasses when you step out to protect your eyes from sun-rays.


  • Avoid eye cosmetics – Using eye cosmetics can further flare up allergy and increase irritation.


  • Do not rub – Rubbing your eyes can flares up eye allergy.


  • Stay away from allergens – The best way to combat an allergic reaction is to avoid things that trigger these allergies.


  • Consult eye specialist – If things get worse visit your eye doctor as soon as possible for medical assistance.