Simple tips for contact lens wearers

Posted in Eye Specialist

The contact lens is one of the best inventions of medical science that enable a person to see things at their best and enjoy great surrounding vision. Just wearing contact lens is not enough, proper care is also vital for the best eye health. Most importantly one should strictly follow the care and safety instructions given by their doctor to keep the peepers healthy.


The following are some tips recommended by an eye specialist:


1. Hygiene should be your priority while handling contact lenses. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and dry them with a clean towel before you touch your contact lenses. Personal hygiene is also important such as keeping your fingernails short & clean and avoiding other related issues including infections and allergies.


2. Avoid rubbing your eyes with hands. It is normal to touch the eyes without even getting into our notice, but you don’t want any dirt or oil from your fingers to get in your eyes, and dislodge your lens or irritate your eyes.


3. Do not rinse your contact lenses or lens case with tap water, always use the contact lens solution to clean and disinfect lenses or lens case and regularly refill the contact lens case with the cleansing solution. Keep a tab on the expiry date of the solution and strictly bin the expired contact lens solution.


4. Make sure you don’t over-wear your contact lenses. Strict to the recommended replacement schedules on daily as well as monthly basis. You shouldn’t wear contact lenses during sleeping, swimming or showering.


5. At least once in a day, you should give your eyes a “self-check” for safety purpose. Ask yourself these questions:


  • Do the contact lenses feel good in my eyes?
  • Do my eyes feel irritation or any sort of discomfort?
  • Can I see well with these contact lenses?


6. Always keep a pair of spectacle with you as a backup in case your eye doctor asks you to discontinue the usage of contact lenses.


7. Immediately stop using contact lenses if you suspect any eye problem after wearing them. Visit your eye doctor as soon as possible for medical attention.