Some facts about tooth whitening

Some facts about tooth whitening  image

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What is tooth whitening? – It is a process of lightening teeth and removing stains and discoloration. Tooth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures because it has profound effects on your smile. It is not a one-time procedure. In order to maintain the brighter color of your teeth, it needs to be repeated from time to time.


      1. Teeth also have pores just like your skin or they can be called as a sponge because of its absorption properties. Anything you take inside your mouth that has color will absorb into these pores. Coffee, wine, smoking, and dark berries are some of the common in staining teeth. Hence, with time the natural color of your teeth fades or turns yellow due to these stains. These stains don’t go away unless you remove it by using formulated teeth whitening gel, which works by getting absorbed into your teeth and driving stains out through the pores.


      2. Professional teeth whitening process is incredibly safe. It does not cause any damage to your teeth. This process makes use of active ingredients to temporarily open pores and push away stains.  Your teeth naturally rehydrate and re-mineralize after every tooth whitening session.


      3. It is completely normal for sensitivity occurs after teeth whitening. The teeth become dehydrated for some time after the process and cause inability to insulate the nerve from varied temperatures.


     4. Teeth whitening with laser or ultra-violet (UV) light are temporary.


     5. There is no product on the market that can whiten your teeth in a few minutes or a day. Teeth whitening process may take from few days to several months to give you the desired whitening smile.


     6. Teeth whitening cannot whiten caps and veneers.


     7. The most suitable time for whitening teeth is just before the bed.


     8. Not everyone will get bright looking teeth with whitening process. The color of your white is totally depending on your genetic make-up. The whitening product can only remove the stains that have been accumulated over time.