Tips to maintain the dental health of young child

Tips to maintain the dental health of young child  image

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Oral hygiene plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Parents, as well as caregivers of younger babies, should be keen to teach their kids the right habits from the beginning to make dental care an essential part of daily life.

Baby teeth are very important for the child during biting and chewing food and speaking clearly.


Dental care for your toddler


A toddler’s oral hygiene includes wiping the gums of your child with an infant gum massager, a washcloth or clean damp gauze.

Once your child develops teeth, brush them two times a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and water.   


  • Introducing important elements early - According to experts, the first year of a child’s life is a crucial time for developing good dental care habits. Research shows that children with cavities in their baby teeth are more prone to develop cavities in their permanent teeth, so being a parent you should make sure to take your child to a dentist for a regular checkup. Children should also be made familiar with toothbrushes before the age of 12 months. As they grow older, parents should introduce them to the use of mouthwash and fluoridated toothpaste.



  • Nutrition – Along with what your children eat, how often they eat also plays an important role in maintaining healthy teeth. Sugary and sticky foods, if allowed to stay in the mouth for a long time can result in cavities. Bacteria that thrive on the teeth eat these bits of food. Parents and caregivers need to be more vigilant than before about regulating the meals their children eat.



  • Regular dentist visit – First dental visit within the first year plays an important role in children’s oral care. Like in adult dental care, children should also visit the dentist for cleanings and checkups every six months.