Why the first dental visit is most important?

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Dental problems usually initiate during childhood and get worse with time if left untreated. This is why first dental visit should take place as soon as possible. The first visit not only makes the way how your child feels towards dental appointment but also prepare your child to set oral hygiene habits at an early stage all throughout their life. Early dental checkups for your child can prevent tooth decay and cavities, which are the chronic childhood dental diseases.


Which is the best age to bring your child for dental checkups?


We all might have asked this which is the best time for child’s first dental visit – the answer is obvious as soon as possible. Soon after your child develops the first tooth – around age one – is the best time you should take them to the dentist. If you delay the appointment, their oral health might suffer. First dental visit also creates good dental habits from an early stage.


Tips to prepare your child for the first dental visit:


As parents, the most difficult thing is to make their child ready for the first visit. Following tips may help parents to prepare their child for the visit:

  • It is advisable for parents to ask the dentist about the procedure before the visit.
  • Be prepared for the child’s reaction which may be either cooperative or non-cooperative.
  • It must be hard to please very young child.
  • Try to build an excitement and understanding in children about the upcoming appointment.
  • Create a scene of the dental clinic at home by playing dentist with your child and pretend like you are counting the teeth.
  • While explaining to your child, do not use words like ‘needle’ and ‘drill’.
  • Avoid bribing your child for the visit.
  • The dental appointment should be an expected part of the routine and not a ‘special’ visit.
  • Schedule dental appointment at the time when your child is well rested.