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Electronic medical record management system is a health management service established in 2015 for safely storing, viewing and sharing your health related records and information online. It keeps a regular track of all your health related aspects. It enables your doctor to take a much well informed decision about your treatment.

IOur EMRMS service is user-friendly with state-of-the-art features inbuilt for the users. As a mission-critical service, EMRMS is developed with highest levels of security and performance. EMRMS is a web based healthcare cloud accessible anywhere with internet access. No need to worry about installing software, managing updates and maintaining hardware. Every second more users and health professionals are joining EMRMS and allied services.

Key Benefits

Manage your health better with ERMS.

Your Own Health Care.

Proactive, Preventive, Palliative: ERMS is surely your best bet.

Be ready, no matter what it may be.

Share vital information securely with ERMS.

Patients can now view their medical records, download them to a computer or mobile device, and organize key information such as allergies and drug side effects. They also can use these tools to transmit the data to doctors or caregivers.