10 Ways To Control Cravings & Hunger Pangs

Posted In: Dietician-Nutritionist     2018-02-23     35

1.      Have more fiber

Eat raw fruits & vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and seeds. These are loaded with fiber, which keeps your stomach fuller for a longer time and curbs all your sugar cravings.


2.      Leave all the bad foods you crave!

Throw out all your favorite foods such as snacks, donuts, candies, and other unhealthy foods that are making you put on extra mass.


3.      Make protein as 30% of your diet

Just as fiber, protein also makes you fuller and keeps you satisfied longer. Because protein helps in regulating blood sugar and makes your body release appetite-suppressing hormones such as GLP-1 and cholecystokinin.


4.      Drink more water

When there is less water in your body you will feel hungry because your body will increase your hunger pangs in order to get more water to re-hydrate itself. Try to drink enough water to prevent your water.


5.      Drink a glass of vegetable juice before meals

Studies suggest, drinking vegetable juice before meals curbs your hunger by eating 135 fewer calories at every meal.


6.      Eat small, frequent meals

Eating a small meal every 2-3 hours also controls your blood sugar by providing you with a continuous supply of energy that will reduce your cravings and kills big appetite.


7.      Avoid skipping breakfast

Skipping your breakfast makes already low morning blood sugar to drop even more and this may lead you to get more food cravings during the day.


8.      Eat an egg for breakfast

An egg in the breakfast helps overweight people to lose weight. Because it makes people feel full over 24 hours and people who take an egg breakfast eat comparatively fewer calories nearly 330 during the day. Egg increases the release of powerful satiety hormone PPY whereas decreases the release of hunger causing hormones such as ghrelin.


9.      Get rid of belly fat = fewer cravings

Fat build up on belly makes you hungry because it releases a hunger hormone called neuropeptide Y.


10.  Adopt these 2 words to curb cravings

Next time you’re faced with a tempting treat you’d rather skip. Add this phrase to your dictionary: “I don’t eat that!” for an easy escape.