3 Effective Back Pain Hacks At Work

Posted In: Physiotherapist     2018-02-21     33

Back pain is the most common problem, which affects around 80-90 percent of people. The person undergoes distressful pain due to a muscle spasm that is usually initiated by different ways such as poor posture, chronic inflammation, a sudden bout of continuous movement like shoveling snow, or a twisting move at the wrong angle.


An average office worker spends nearly 8 to 10 hours a day sitting at a desk, often hunched over the desktop to write emails and typing, which also include sitting down for eating and relaxing after work browsing the internet or watching TV. 


No matter, whether you have a dull, sharp, and constant or a sudden pain could be devastating.

If you’re one who sits all day – these tips can help you to beat back pain.


·         Make sure your desk chair has back support   - If your chair doesn’t have a built-in back support, create yourself by placing a small pillow or a rolled-up towel to fill the gap between your chair back and your back.


·         Use a chair that swivels – The plus point of using this type of chair is that it will keep away from turning and twisting your body, which creates pressure on your back.



·       Be alert to your sitting posture. Try to sit straight as much as possible and avoid hunching over your desk. If you have to lean, do so from your hips.