6 Common Causes Of Forgetfulness

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Memory fades are infuriating, exasperating, and sometimes a matter to be worried. When memory slips occur more than the normal, it can be alarming signs of looming Alzheimer or dementia. Besides, these memory disorders aging could be another factor leading to forgetfulness.


Memory slips are not always be associated with dementia or Alzheimer, there may be some other common causes that result in forgetfulness.


Here are the common causes of memory fades:


1.      Alcohol

There must be some truth when people say they “drink to forget.” Heavy consumption of alcohol can get in the way with short-term memory, even after the alcohol effects have worn off.


2.      Medication

Antidepressants, tranquilizers, few blood pressure medicines and other drugs can lead to memory slip, mostly by causing confusion or sedation. Some medication such as prescription drugs for sleep can result in memory slip as a side effect.


3.      Lack of sleep

Insufficient sleep could be one of the greatest unappreciated causes of forgetfulness. Inadequate sleep can lead to anxiety and mood swings, which in turn adds to problems related to memory.


4.      Menopause

Studies suggest that middle-aged women with menopause or transitioning into menopause have complained more about memory lapses. Besides, memory slips the study also showed a decline in attention capabilities among women with menopause.


5.      Depression

Depression could be one of the biggest reasons for memory fades. Common symptoms of depression include a lack of confidence, a stifling sadness, and lack of interests in activities which were pleasurable earlier.


6.      Insufficient nutrition


A nutrition lacking diet causes general sluggishness, which interferes a person’s thinking ability and memory power. A person’s brain is hugely influenced when his or her body is not getting enough supply of energy and nutrients.