Breast Cancer Symptoms: Lumps & Bumps Shouldn’t Be Ignored

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The sooner a disease or disorder is detected, the more chances of getting it treated.  Especially, when the disease is as lethal as cancer, detecting the early symptoms may reduce the risk factors to a much extent.

But, often most of us ignore unusual swellings in the body, only later we realize that these inflammations needed much attention than ignorance. Any sort of swelling, lumps, and bumps shouldn’t be under-looked as they may be the initial symptoms of an underlying problem.


Early symptoms of breast cancer


Some of the most common signs of breast cancer include the formation of lump/lumps in the breast and also, development of a painless, hard mass in the breast having irregular edges. In some cases, breast cancer appears as red or thickened skin rather than a lump.

Other common symptoms of breast cancer include:


·         Swelling of breast

·         Nipple retraction (nipple turning inwards)

·         Pain in breast or in nipple

·         Discharge from nipple (not milk)

·         Redness of breast or of the nipple

·         Skin irritation or dimpling


Are all lumps needed to worry about?

No, you don’t have to pay much attention to all limbs. Small swellings (less than a centimeter), which has been present for years should not be much worry. Also, lumps from a trauma or acute injury or an infectious process need to be differentiated from those with malignant potentials.