Common Hair Problems With Tips To Tackle Them!

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Hair comes in different styles, lengths, colors, and textures, from frizzy and unmanageable, long and short, straight and wavy, to smooth and shiny. Yet no matter under what category your hair comes, every type falls prey to at least one or more hair problems in one lifetime. Is there no hair product that you haven’t used to save your locks? Don’t worry! We have the solution to all your hair problems. Now you can easily find doctor nearby in Bangalore with Cureplus at any time. 


Given below are some of the common hair problems along with tips to tackle them.


Dull and lifeless hair


Solution: Eggs are the best source of protein and biotin, which make them an appropriate solution to revive dull hair.



·         2 eggs

·         2 tablespoons of almond oil

·         1.5 cups of yogurt


Method: Take to medium sized eggs and beat them till they turn foamy and thick. Add 2    tablespoons of almond oil and 1.5 cups of yogurt mix all the ingredients. Apply this mixture to your hair and scalp and leave it for about 30-40 minutes. Wash with cold water and your regular shampoo.


Frizzy hair

Solution: Honey and milk, both have natural conditioning properties on your hair. Honey locks your hair moisture, whereas milk strengthens the structure of the hair and makes your hair straight.



·         1-2 tablespoons of honey

·         Half a cup of milk


Method: Mix well 1-2 tablespoons of honey with half a cup of milk to make a paste. Apply the mixture to your hair and massage your scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash off your hair as usual.


Hair loss

Solution: Coconut milk has a high content of magnesium, which happens to be the most needed mineral by our hair to prevent breakage and for strong, healthy hair strands. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of coconut milk also help fight scalp infection that means less hair fall and healthier hair.



·         Coconut milk

Method: Take some coconut milk and apply on all over your hair. Gently massage your scalp and hair with the milk. Leave it for 1-2 hours and wash off as usual.


Split ends


Solution: Papaya, a superfood not only good for your skin and body but also for your hair health. Presence of all essential vitamins and minerals makes papaya one of the best ways to get rid off of slip ends.



·         1.5 cups of papaya

·         Half a cup of yogurt


Method: Remove the skin and the seeds of the papaya before using it. Mash 1.5 cups of papaya and add the yogurt, mix well to make a paste. Apply the mixture to your hair, leave for 45-50 minutes and wash off as usual.




Solution: lemon, which is loaded with vitamin C and has anti-fungal properties. These properties make lemon the best ingredient to fight dandruff and promote a healthy scalp. Also, the acidic nature of the lemon balances the PH level of the scalp by shedding away the dead skin cells.



·         1 tablespoon fenugreek seed powder

·         3 tablespoons of lemon juice


Method: Mix a tablespoon of fenugreek seed powder and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice to form a paste. Apply the paste to your scalp and leave it for 20-25 minutes. Wash off as usual.