Do Not Survive But Live!

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We all may experience such situations in life when things become harder or unbearable to deal with. Sometimes these situations or circumstances may last only for a while or sometimes they may also exist for a longer period even years. It is easier to understand when we are suffering or struggling but it becomes difficult to know when to approach a psychotherapist to seek treatment for the problem. Find the best doctors in Bangalore for any type of psychological problem.


Given below are some of the alarming signs to tell you that it may be the time to seek professional advice:


1.       Drugs dependent

When you find that you are depending on tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs more regularly or taking them in higher quantities. These are the signs that you are under stress and feel relax using such drugs.


2.      Unable to handle emotions

There may be times when you find that you are struggling to understand or deal few or most of the overwhelming emotions. These emotions include a feeling of a deep sense of anger and irritability that you find getting on nerves at even small instances, a numbing sadness, a continuous feeling of anxiety and fear. We all come across these emotions but when felt too deeply or frequently can be a reason for a concern.


3.      Damage relationships

Do you have an elevating problem communicating in relationships or end up having regular quarrels/arguments? Do you feel disconnected with family/partner/friends? Do you feel forsaken? It may also because of general difficulty in making a conversation with people or extreme anxiety of being a part of larger groups which may influence your relations with others as well.


4.      Stressful events in life

Have you gone through some difficult situation in the past that was really like a nightmare in your life? It may be an event that has taken place long ago but still haunts you. It could be the loss of a loved one, loss of a job or any other stressful event in your professional or personal life. In most of the cases, the feeling related to such events don’t vanish with time and working through they may be needed.


5.      Weaken performance

You are having real troubles in concentrating, focusing, or finishing tasks. You may be getting thoughts that you’re not able to perform as per your potential and have been rewarding with negative feedback too.


6.      Unexplained physical problems

You may regularly experience changing physical signs. These may include stomach upsets, headache, palpitations, pain, weakness, changed sleep pattern, increased or reduced appetite etc. Stress may manifest in different physical symptoms. If your physician cannot find the real cause of your physical symptoms and they recur regularly, it is time to approach to a psychotherapist.