Do You Know That Some Foods Trigger Hair Loss?

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Yes, you heard it right! Just like we have foods that stimulate hair growth and health, there are some foods which can lead to hair loss. Strange right?


Often, we must be worried about our drastic hair loss despite eating healthy food, oily hair regularly, providing hair with extra supplement, and doing everything possible to make our hair healthy. Don’t worry; we have the answers and solutions to all your queries.


Of course, there are several other reasons for hair loss like age factor, genetics, toxicity, a heavy dose of drugs, deficiency of nutrients, and autoimmunity, but the above mention cause can be prevented by just changing the diet. Book an online doctor appointment in Bangalore with Cureplus


I can ensure you that after reading through this article you would definitely understand the real cause of your drastic hair fall.


Listed, below are the foods that cause hair fall.


·         Simple Carbohydrates


Simple refined carbohydrates such as biscuits, refined white flour, and cakes are low in fiber and high in sugar. As per the research, sugar promotes inflammation, and the body responds to sugar present in the food by releasing insulin and high level of androgen. Androgen, in turn, causes shrinkage of hair follicles in male and hence results in hair loss. Switching to complex carbohydrates and food with high fiber content including bananas, beans, and wholemeal flour can solve the problem.


·         Oily and fried food


We should strictly eliminate fried foods, high fat and hydrogenated oils from our diet. According to the studies, saturated and monounsaturated fat result in higher levels of testosterone which could possibly lead to increased levels of DHT- a by-product that can result in hair fall.


·         Sugar-free food


Experts suggest we must avoid diet alternatives and sugar-free food at all costs. The artificial sweeter aspartame present in these foods can lead to thinning of hair or hair loss as well as several unpleasant symptoms of depression, arthritis, bloating, impotence, and sexual issues.

·         Dairy products


Dairy products not only contributing to the formation of acid in the body but it can also stimulate delayed allergic reactions, so for both the mentioned reasons it should be avoided. It blocks the pores lead to pasty skin, which means epidermis plaque can potentially build up on the scalp resulting in hair follicle miniaturization and thinning of the hair.


·         Carbonated drinks


Carbonated drinks are not only enormously acid forming but also high in sugar level. In fact, these drinks contribute the most to the formation of acid among all the foods or beverages.