Five Ways To Master Your Anger

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Many of us have learned the art of mastering our negative emotions, but at times some situations upset us so much that we go blank about how to deal with the challenging emotion, “anger”.


According to Benjamin Franklin, “Anger is never without a reason, but seldom a good one.”

Anger is one such emotion which is least understood and managed, not impossible to manage though.


All though understanding the exact cause of this emotion is difficult but for people who find it difficult to keep them away from trouble because of their elevating anger, we have few steps to help them to cope up with their anger.

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1.      Think twice before you speak

It’s a myth that shouting, screaming and reacting will help us feel better. Not at all, in fact, reacting to a raged situation only worsens the situation as well as emotional intensity. In the heat of the moment, it’s too easy to say out anything but you need to take few moments to grab your words before taking it out.


2.      Involve yourself in some exercise or deep breaths

Stress is the major cause of your anger. Opting for physical exercise or even deep breaths help you in getting rid of stress. Exercise relaxes you both mentally and physically. If ever you feel your anger is going out of control, try a brisk walk or run, or get involved in some enjoyable physical activities.


3.      Timeout: Master the art of catching the early signs of anger. For some people, the signs are pacing heart rate, tensing of muscles, the rise in their body temperature, and some get easily irritated. When are aware of your stressful situations, give yourself short breaks. A few moments of quietness might be a good remedy to handle the situation better.


4.      Analyze possible solutions


Rather than focusing on what contributes to your madness, work on identifying the solution for the issue. Make yourself understand that anger won’t fix anything but it only worsens the situations and things.


5.      Distract yourself


Distracting oneself technique works best in situations where there is no escape from it and you know very well that it will get on your nerves to lead you in an unpleasant situation. You can think of something pleasant or just focus on your breathing these will help you to tolerate the situation and even take away the urge to react.