Four Reasons People Attempt Suicide

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Over the past few years, the death toll by suicide attempt has been increasing enormously. Often, most of the people, who attempt suicide, feel like they have fallen in situations that have no way out.


This trend of ending their lives often mostly followed among youngsters, girls are more prone to suicide attempt as compared to boys.


These days we might have witnessed even the most successful people, celebrities, and people living a luxurious life, ending their lives. So, what makes people end their lives? Now it has become easier to find the nearest doctor in Bangalore with Cureplus.


Usually, people try to commit suicide for four reasons:


·         They are psychotic


Often, malicious inner voices of an individual ask for self-destruction for unknown reasons. It is even more difficult to mask psychosis than depression and turn to be more tragic.

Around 1% of the world’s population is suffering from schizophrenia. People with schizophrenia are likely to talk publically about their inner voices commanding them to end their lives when asked directly.


Psychosis is also treatable and untreated or poorly treated psychosis usually needs hospital admission to a closed ward until their commanding voices power diminishes.


·         They are in depression


This is the most common cause people try to kill themselves. Severe depression comes along with a persistent sense of suffering as well as the belief that escaping from this situation is hopeless.


In most of the cases, people suffer with it silently, without even telling anyone else they plan to attempt suicide. We all know that depression is almost always treatable; we should all try to find its existence in our loved ones and close friends.


·         They are impulsive


This is usually linked to alcohol and drugs intake. Most people under the influence of alcohol or drugs become mawkish and impulsively try to commit suicide. Once they are calmed and sobered, these people usually feel embarrassed about their last act.


These people may attempt again to kill themselves they very next day they get drunk, or never in their lifetime. Substance abuse and underlying causes of suicide are usually a greater concern for these people and should be taken as soon as possible.


·         They need help


These people are crying for help, but have no idea how else to get it. They actually don’t want to die but don’t want to spread the news around that something is seriously wrong.


They frequently choose methods that they think can’t kill them in order to reach out someone who has hurt them. These people just want to harm them not to kill, but they are sometimes tragically misinformed.