Has Snoring Become Troublesome To Your Partnerís Peaceful Sleep?

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Though snoring is natural, it can be troublesome for the snorer as well as the people around. At times, persistent snoring throughout the night may lead to some issues in between the couple. 

Is your partner frustrating you by keeping you awake all with loud snoring? We all require good sleep at night, the snorer and the partner. Sleepless night due to snoring can lead to some serious health issues such as depression, hormonal issues, weight gain, brain damage, the risk of stroke and cardiac disease, high-blood pressure, the risk of diabetes and premature aging. One need put a halt on snoring the betterment of oneself and the partner. Book an online doctor appointment in Bangalore with Cureplus

Here’s how to eradicate snoring.

  1. Reduce weight

If you have put on extra mass over time, especially areas around the neck, which can cause the throat to narrow when you lay down. This increases the incidence of snoring. Put down extra weight can benefit you with healthier sleep alongside other health benefits.


       2. Limit or avoid smoking/alcohol

Smoking/alcohol relaxes most of the people, and snoring takes place when the tongue and throat are relaxed, Smoking/alcohol can add on to the issue as it makes the body extremely relaxed.


       3. Change sleeping position

Opting to sleep on your side can help the tongue not to fall back and block the throat in the sleep.


       4. Avoid sedative pills

Some medicines such as antihistamines and sleeping pills also offer relaxing effect and can increase the process of snoring. So avoid taking any sedative pill before you sleep.


      5. Avoid things that induce snoring

Stop eating or getting in contact with things that cause allergies, because inflammation and nasal congestion caused by allergies is one of the common causes of snoring.


      6. Regular exercise

Having a large neck circumference is more prone to snoring. So, regular exercise can significantly reduce the risk of snoring in most the people.


      7. Take proper rest

One should have inadequate sleep every day. Not taking enough of sleep at night is also a cause of snoring.


      8. Hydrate your throat

Hydrating your throat before you sleep also prevents the tongue from falling back, which happens only when your throat is dry. So drink water twice or thrice at the night.
In the case of severe snoring, one should consult a doctor to get rid of this problem. In Bangalore, there is the number of hospitals which offer the best treatment for snoring.