How To Keep You Hydrated This Summer

Posted In: Dietician-Nutritionist     2018-04-16     56


Along with unbearable heat hot weather and lots of outdoor activities under the strong sun rays, summers can also lead to dehydration if you’re not careful. Maintaining the body fluid is essential for health, if you fail, it can have serious effect system and drinking water, as well as other healthy fluids, is crucial to do the same.


Avoid fruit punch, instant energy drinks and other sugary beverages as such fluids can result in dehydration. In case you are drinking alcohol, make sure you drink plenty of water.


Here are few tips to stay hydrated during hot and flashy summers:


  • Drink water

Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.


  • Drink coconut water

Coconut water is not only delicious but also loaded with electrolytes; it can be the best alternative to water on hot days.


  • Swap water with diluted fruit juices

If drinking water is tasteless for you, you can swap water with diluted fruit juices. Make sure these juices are natural, 100% fruits with no added sugar, such as cranberry juice or apple juice, and then just add some water for dilution.


  • Spice up water plain glass of water

Add a slice of fruit in your plain glass of water to spice it up. Lemon or lime slices are the best options and they also make your glass of water more refreshing. You can also use slices of mandarin orange, cucumber, or grapefruit. Along with improving the taste of your water, you also give a punch of vitamin C to your plain glass of water.


  • Avoid instant energy drinks

Anything that is high in caffeine or sugar can make your dehydrated, so avoid sugary beverages as well as instant energy drinks.