Is Sensitivity In Tooth Cramping Your Eating Experience?

Posted In: Dentist     2018-02-16     36

Are your teeth tender? Can’t you enjoy your favorite ice-cream? Or are you compromising on your candies, pastries, and cupcakes? Does drinking icy cold beverages put teeth under discomfort?

Well, now you don’t have to refrain yourself from enjoying anything hot, cold/frizzy cold or even sweet. It’s a time say goodbye to all the pain, and to get back to the habit of not saying no to anything you used to enjoy in childhood, I am sure you still do.

Here are the things you can opt to get relief from tooth sensitivity to enhance oral health.

  1. Avoid brushing with too much force: Sometimes tooth sensitivity occurs when you brush the teeth with too much force or if you are using a brush with hard-bristle. If you continue this with time, you are scratching the upper hard layer of your tooth, enamel. The absence of which causes sensitive teeth.
  2. Limit the intake of acidic foods: Acidic foods such as lemon, grapefruit, Kiwi, tomato sauce, and pickles can induce pain on the exposed nerves of your teeth. The only way to get rid of this is to switch to a soft bristle brush.
  3. Put a halt on the habit of grinding teeth: Enamel is called to be the strongest substance in your body, but regular teeth-grinding lead to the shedding of this strong substance. And the absence of this outer layer of teeth causes sensitivity.
  4. Chuck out the tooth-whitening toothpaste: Most of the toothpaste manufacturing companies add tooth-whitening chemicals to their toothpaste formulas, and which often make some people a victim of teeth sensitivity.
  5. Avoid using mouthwash: Just like tooth whitening toothpaste, mouthwashes, as well as other rinses, have alcohol and some other chemicals that can have severe effects on your teeth.