Is Your Tooth Sensitive To Cold Weather?

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The weather can be tricky, even winter season could be either dry or wet. Where, you may be enjoying the pleasant, cool weather and the beautiful scenery winter presets. But some people would be worried about their sensitive teeth and tooth pains that generally worsen during freezing cold winters.

The pain is sudden and often sharp, but it is temporary usually perceived in cold weather.

How cold air affects the teeth?

When our teeth get exposed to abrupt changes in temperature the dentin, enamel covered tissue that is calcified and consists of tiny tubules or tubes and is the second layer of the tooth, expands and contracts at a faster rate than the enamel result in stress, which can cause cracks. Usually, these cracks are not visible and do not affect the structure of the tooth, but it can potentially lead to uncomfortable sensitivity.

Symptoms of sensitive teeth

The most common symptom includes sudden and sharp flash of pain on the exposure of teeth to the cold, air, acidic, sweet, or hot foods. While some people also experience tooth sensitivity from brushing or flossing their teeth.

Give below are some reasons for cold temperature promoted dental pain:

·         Cavities

·         Infected teeth or gums

·         Periodontal disease

·         Large metal fillings

·         Bite problems

·         Cracked teeth

·         Defective fillings

·         Defective crown or bridge margins

·         Recessed gums from periodontal disease

·         Grinding or clenching teeth

·         Infected gums and teeth

·         Porous and sensitive teeth

Tips to survive winter season with ache and sensitive free teeth:

·         Drink hot beverage with a straw

·         Breathe through your nose

·         Supplement vitamin D

·         Take action to prevent dry mouth

·         Avoid over-brushing your teeth

·         Switch your toothpaste

·         Use a fluoride treatment

·         Limit your acid and sugar consumption

The best way to avoid further damage is to visit your dentist as soon as you experience tooth sensitivity or pain during winter. Your dentist will examine your teeth completely and will discover the actual cause of sensitive teeth.