Myths And Facts About BDD - Body Dysmorphic Disorder

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BDD Myths


  • Body dysmorphic disorder is rare
  • It is a disorder of our modern world
  • This problem occurs in youngsters
  • No one can help people having BDD
  • Only women suffer from BDD
  • BDD is related to low self-esteem
  • BDD and an eating disorder is one of the same things
  • People having BDD are narcissists
  • It is not really a serious problem, each one of us worries about their appearances
  • The only way to overcome BDD is to get the right information about how you really look and if necessary improve your appearance.


BDD facts


  • Body dysmorphic is common which affects nearly 2% of the population
  • The presence of this disorder drawbacks from the 19th century
  • It may start affecting a person of an average age 13, can last for several years.
  • People having BDD can be helped with specific CBT and SSRI medication.
  • Women are slightly more prone to BDD than men
  • BDD is a serious psychiatric disorder if left untreated can give rise several other problems such as suicide etc.
  • BDD and eating disorders are two different problems
  • People with BDD are preoccupied and distressed rather than narcissists
  • It is really a serious problem, not each one of us worries about our appearances for several hours a day

The best way to recover is to re-focus and reduce preoccupation with the look, reduce distress, cheer up your mood, and regain the ability to function in all important areas of life.