Signs & Symptoms To Identify Piles (hemorrhoids)

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Piles (Hemorrhoids) – A painful condition in which a person experiences swellings inside and around the back passage (anus).


There is a group of small blood vessels within the inner wall of the anal canal. Sometimes, these blood vessels become large and puffed up because of more blood supply than normal. These puffed up veins and the overlying tissue may then form into one or more small swellings called piles.


Symptoms may vary from temporary and mild, to persistent and painful. In some cases, there will be no appearance of symptoms and an individual may not realize that they are suffering from piles.


Some of the common symptoms are following:


·       Bleeding at the time of passing stools. The blood color is usually bright red and may be easily noticed on the toilet tissue, in the toilet seat or layering the stools.

·         Itching in and around the anal passage.

·         Swelling or a painful lump near the anus.

·         A mucous anal discharge.

·         Pain or tenderness during bowel movements.


Hemorrhoid can prolapse and can be felt outside the anus. Usually, it is pushed back after the toilet, but in severe piles condition piles remain prolapsed permanently and cannot be pushed back after the toilet.


Small piles inside the anal passage do not cause any pain. Bigger piles may result in pain, mucous discharge, irritation, and itching near anal.


A possible risk of piles that prolapsed is that the blood supply to hemorrhoid can be cut off. This condition could be extremely painful. Another problem is a blood clot within hemorrhoid, which is uncommon, but causes extreme pain if it occurs.