Signs You Should Visit Your Gynecologist

Posted In: Gynecologist & Obstetrician     2018-04-05     27


There is this perception with consulting gynecologist that one only needs them at the time of pregnancy. But this is to be understood that there are several other gynecological problems, which are not just limited to pregnancy and postpartum health.

From pelvic pain to skipped periods, painful intercourse and excessive liquid secretion are some of the signs that your body is trying to tell you that it need help.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should immediately call your gynecologist to fix an appointment.


  • Heavy bleeding – If you are bleeding profusely during your cycle, and need to change pads or tampons every hour, this could an alarming sign to call your doctor and get the issue fixed.


  • Skipped periods – Though an irregular period is one of the common problems among women still, most of them choose to ignore it. But being common doesn’t mean that it is normal. Women should monitor their periods and seek their gynecologist’s help if they tend to skip periods.


  • Excessive fluid secretion – Fluid flow in the female body is normal but not when the secretion is regular or excessive. Usually, white transparent fluid is secreted when women are ovulating and when are sexually aroused or satisfied. Other than these, if you notice excessive fluids secretion regularly, it needs special care.


  • Painful intercourse – Most of the people ignore pain during intercourse but it a matter of concern. Most of the women think that it’s their duty to satisfy their men and intercourse is painful in general. But this is not the truth. Sexual intercourse is the involvement of both persons. If anyone is experiencing pain, and the pain is repetitive every time of intercourse. It definitely needs a medical supervision.


  • Itching/irritation in the private parts while urinating – Constant itching in the vagina along with irritating feeling while urinating can be serious issues. It must be pointing towards something severe. You need to immediately visit your gynecologist for further diagnosis.


There is nothing to be ashamed about visiting your gynecologist for a regular checkup. This can help early diagnosis of problems related to above-given symptoms and also, make your experiences better along with better sexual life.