Stress And Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure can result from several factors including alcohol intake, smoking, insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes etc, but stress seems to play a major role in precipitating high blood pressure. There is a profound connection between our mind and body. A person cannot enjoy a healthy body with a disturbed mind.


Stress is universal but the responses by individual towards stress may vary, e.g. a person who is prone to high blood pressure and totally work-dedicated is more aggressive, short-tempered, have more work than others. Such person considers fun-loving activities a total waste of time and always aim to be noticed and appreciated.  He also wants people around him to enjoy being internally stressed. A person like this is usually more prone to develop hypertension as compared to a relatively easygoing person.


If a stress sensitive person is exposed to such conditions for a longer time, stress will result in high blood pressure. Find blood donors in Bangalore through Cureplus.


How to manage stress?


In most of the cases, hypertension can be treated without any drug or medication. Blood pressure has also seen dropping by just losing weight through sensible nutrition plan. The two important things a person identified with high blood pressure need to do are to opt a diet that helps to control high blood pressure and manage stresses.


·         The easiest way to fight mental stress is through meditation

·         Take a day off or simply relax


·         Simple breathing exercises can also help you to regulate your blood pressure, improve digestion, and also calm a racing heartbeat. Breathing is directly associated with emotional states and moods. You might have noticed that whenever you are afraid or angry your breath becomes fast and irregular. If at the times of stress, you can make your breath slow, regular, and deep.