Symptoms And Treatment Of Post-pregnancy Abdominal Separation

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Abdominal separation or diastasis rectus is commonly seen among women during and after the pregnancy. It is a condition when your belly sticks out due to the widening of the space between your left and right belly muscles.  You can also call it a “pooch.” Find doctor nearby in Bangalore with Cureplus in case of an emergency. 


Diastasis rectus occurs:


·         In newly born, when the abdomen fails to develop fully. This condition is mostly seen in premature babies.

·         In pregnant women, because pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on the belly that the front muscles fail to keep their shape.

·         In men, maybe from yo-yo dieting, doing sit-ups or lifting weight in the wrong way.

·         Women also tend to develop diastasis recti when over the age of 35, multiple birth pregnancies, multiple pregnancies, and high birth weight of the child.

·         Other causes could be excessive abdominal exercises during the first trimester of pregnancy.


Signs & symptoms


·         Abdominal pain

·         Abdominal discomfort

·         Excessive abdominal sagging

·         Floppy abdomen

·         A persistent gap between the rectus abdominis muscle

·         Umbilicus abdomen


Treatment & preventions


If the gap between the rectus abdominis muscle is not too big, you may continue to live with it. But before going for another pregnancy make sure you bring these muscles back together.

In most of the cases, women can fill their belly gap by learning gentle movements. You can also refer to a physical therapist for the same.

Another way to reduce the gap is surgery. A surgery to correct diastasis may be called “abdominoplasty” or “a tummy tuck.” In this operation, the surgeon folds and sews together the weak central ridge.

Physiotherapy exercises have also shown positive results.


Exercises include:

·         Core contractions

·         Head lift

·         Seated squeeze

·         Squats against the wall

·         Kegels exercise has shown good results.