Three Common Pregnancy Problems And Tips To Tackle Them

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While pregnancy is the most joyful time in every woman’s life, but it brings along so many little changes in her body, some of them are wonderful and others quite uncomfortable. Some of the changes include glowing skin with breakouts, food cravings with intense heartburn, and baby bump with bloating and gas.


Given below are some of the common problems a woman has to face during pregnancy along with tips to tackle the same. Book an online doctor appointment in Bangalore with Cureplus


1.      Morning sickness or nausea

It is one of the most common problems of pregnancy, which impacts most of the women and lasts throughout the first trimester. Another important thing about morning sickness is that it may last all day long for many women.


Tips to combat it:

·         Stay in your bed for about half an hour after you wake up.

·         Avoid taking fluids such as water or juices empty stomach in the morning. Rather begin your day with a biscuit, toast, or crackers.

·         Stay hydrated throughout the day.

·         Avoid heavy meals; instead, have six small balanced meals.

·         Get some fresh air.

·         All the pregnant women with morning sickness become reluctant to certain odors, such as that of garlic, onion, or other fragrances. These can work as triggers.

·         Ask your doctor for medications if it becomes too difficult to bear.


2.      Constipation

Higher levels of the hormone progesterone during pregnancy result in metabolism to slow down. This cause constipation in most of the pregnant women and the iron supplements are taken during pregnancy can lead to constipation.


Tips to combat it:

·         Drink at least eight glasses of water along with sipping other fluids as well throughout the day.

·         Include more fiber in your regular diet. Consult your doctor for any modification.

·         Eat more veggies and raw fruits.

·         Avoid refined flour and processed foods.


3.      Heartburn and indigestion

Heartburn and acidity are the common pregnancy side effects. This occurs because your belly bloats your stomach is pushed upward and this intensifies heartburn. Also, keeping your stomach empty for too long can raise the acid levels and result in indigestion, heartburn, and slow down metabolism.


 Tips to combat it:

·         Drink a glass of milk before you hit the bed.

·         Eat six small meals throughout the day.

·         Avoid fried and spicy foods that can intensify acidity.

·         Avoid going to bed just after your meal, wait for at least half an hour.


·         Avoid coffee/tea/aerated drinks and too much of fruit juices.