Tips To Maintain Healthy Weight During Pregnancy

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Most of the women lose weight during first and last trimester of pregnancy. This is usually common in overweight women. This weight loss occurs because of digestion problems and morning sickness.

If you want to manage your weight while pregnant, here we have some easy tips to manage weight during your pregnancy.


·         Know your calorie needs

All pregnant women need not gain an equal amount of weight. The weight gain depends on your BMI. To know how many calories you need, consult your doctor.


·         Eat small, frequent meals

This is the most effective way to manage your weight, whether pregnant or not. Taking frequent but small meals aids in managing your portion size. This is very useful during pregnancy because eating a full meal can make you sick.


·         Take prenatal vitamins

You must be aware of this fact that your body needs extra nutrition during pregnancy. But if you want to manage your weight as well as provide proper nutrients to your body without loading yourself with calories, taking vitamins is the great escape. Make sure you are eating your usual meals properly and don’t only rely on supplements.


·         Eat healthily  

You need to follow a proper diet that includes:

1.      Fresh fruits and vegetables

2.      Low-fat milk and dairy products

3.      Cereals and bread made with whole grains

4.      Eatables rich source of folates such as spinach, peanut oil, and strawberries.

Apart from foods that are good to have during pregnancy, there are some foods you should avoid to manage your weight here they are:

1.      Foods and drinks that have sugar or corn syrup

2.      Junk and fast foods like candy, cake, cookies, chips, and ice cream

3.      Food laced with artificial sweeteners

4.      Avoid adding salt to the foods you prepare at home. Because salt results in water retention in the body

5.      Do not take unhealthy fats like butter, margarine, sauces, mayonnaise, gravy, and salad dressings.


·         Exercise

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you should stop working out. It is very important if you want to manage your weight during pregnancy.

Take your doctor’s suggestion before you plan your workout routine. In a week you need at least two to three hours of moderate aerobic activity. Walking, dancing, yoga, swimming, and cycling are the best options to go with.


·         Eating for two

Eating for two is one of the misconceptions people have regarding pregnancy. You really don’t have to eat for two, all you need to maintain a healthy weight gain is 20 grams of extra protein and 300Kcal of extra energy. Apart from proteins and calories, your body also needs vital nutrients such as vitamin, folic acid, B12, and calcium.


·         Pack your lunch to work

It is usually difficult for pregnant women to prepare lunch for work because they are too tired. If it’s not possible to find time in the morning rush, try preparing them a day before. Foods such as rice, sandwiches, and parathas are easy to prepare.


·         Accept the changes

Gaining weight is quite normal during pregnancy, but you must respect your body howsoever it is. Gaining weight is essential for your baby’s health. Shed that extra mass after your delivery.