Tips To Overcome Binge Eating Disorder

Posted In: Family & Marriage Counseling     2018-02-22     19

Binge eating disorder is a severe eating disorder in which you frequently consume larger amounts of food and feel unable to stop eating. It can be a difficult problem to overcome, but some may need the assistance of a professional. Just like those with drug or a smoking addiction, food addiction is not so easy to eliminate from one’s life. The following steps may help in combating binge eating disorder:


1.      Discuss with someone.  Even if only one person knows about your disorder, at least you will have someone in your struggle.

2.      Take limited amounts of food at home. Although this may be more of an irritation, it will reduce temptations at home.

3.      Seek out to a professional for therapy and treatment.

4.      Relax. Take out some time to enjoy life and be a part of the fun activity.

5.      You can’t change your past, you can only learn from your mistakes.

6.      Plan out regular exercise program according to your desire.

7.      Understand the causes and triggers of your disorder. This will help you to take steps to prevent further binges.

8.      Eat breakfast regularly. People who do not eat breakfast are more likely to have binge eating disorder.

9.      Show your concerns for family and friends. Don’t isolate them.

10.    Take proper nutrients.

11.     Find some self-help and motivation books.

12.    Approach to a nutritionist. He or she can help you with an appropriate meal plan.

13.    Be a part of some support group.

14.    Do not diet.

15.    Love yourself for who you are, not what you look like.