Vitamin D Deficiency - Symptoms And Causes

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Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin because it is produced by the body when our skin exposed to sunlight. It is essential for strong bones, and it may also give protection to our body against many health problems. Apart from this, it is also present naturally in a few foods such as fish liver oils, some fish, egg yolk, and fortified dairy and grain products. Find doctors nearby withCureplus


Who are at risk for vitamin D deficiency?


Usually, vitamin D deficiency occurs when your body fails to get enough sunlight exposure that is the major source of vitamin D for your body. People having the following factors are at risk for vitamin D deficiency:


·         Being elderly.

·         Dark skin people.

·         Mostly staying indoors.

·         Overweight or obese people.

·         Allergic to milk.

·         Not eating much fish.

·         Always using sunscreen while going out.


Here are signs that can help you to identify if you lack vitamin D.


1.      Excessive sweating

Often it becomes difficult to confirm if newborns lack vitamin D, but one of the most noticeable symptoms is sweaty forehead. The same thing is applicable for adults as well, which means if you’re sweating while your activity level is still steady in a moderate temperature environment and your body is temperature is nearly 98.6 degree. Then you must go for vitamin D test.


2.      Muscle weakness

Not only pumping iron but also having a vitamin D deficiency result in muscle weakness. Proper vitamin D supply helps you maintain power in the fiber of your being, though you’re young or old.


3.      Bone pain

After age 30, your body stop building bone mass and vitamin D deficiency can pace up or worsen osteoporosis symptoms. One cannot satisfy vitamin D needs only through diet, but it requires sun exposure, food, and supplement.



4.      Chronic pain

People who are having arthritis or fibromyalgia may actually lack vitamin D supply, a deficiency could also be the cause of joints and muscles to ache. Enough of vitamin D supply can prevent post-workout pain and pace up muscle recovery.


5.      Feelings of sadness

Depression is usually associated with a lack of vitamin D in the body. Sunlight exposure enhances the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin that actually lifts up your mood. Lack of vitamin D in the body also prevents you from having a more positive attitude towards life.