What Is Deja Vu?

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You might have experienced it several times when you enter into a new house or walk in the foreign country, or places you have never been before and you can’t stop your brain thinking, “I have come here before or I have done this already”, it’s déjà vu.


Déjà vu in French means “already seen.”

It usually refers to those strange and rare moments when you feel that the present situation has been taken place already. Some people assume that they might experience the situation in their dreams. For example, you might be walking on the new road when you suddenly feel like you have done this already.

How common is déjà vu?

According to the studies, nearly two-thirds of people have experienced the episode of déjà vu at least once in their lifetime. The percentage of people experiencing this probably falls between 30% and 100%. It is found that young people experience déjà vu the most. Get the nearest blood bank in Bangalore on your fingertips with Cureplus

Science has come up with three reasons for the occurrence of déjà vu.

  • You travelled a lot

According to the research, people who engage in lots of traveling and who can recall their dreams easily are possibly experiencing déjà vu as compared to those who stay at home or are not able to recall their dreams. Such people can illustrate from a broad range of sources, so there is more probability that they can assume other environments feel familiar, too.


  • You have been to a similar place before

Studies suggest that déjà vu is triggered when you step in a similar environment that you have experienced already in your past. For example, you feel déjà vu when you enter a hotel room where the interior or furniture is organized in the same fashion as your childhood living room.


  • Something is going to your brain

Some people who are suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy experience the episode of déjà vu just before they have a seizure and another symptom that the occurrence may be linked to the way memories are activated. And some experts also believe that déjà vu is triggered by a kind of disruption in the firing of neurons in the brain.


It could also because your brain is finding it difficult to process multiple sections of information, for some reason you fail to align them properly.