Why Donate Blood?

Posted In: General Practitioner     2018-02-26     37

Why should I donate blood? What will I get donating my blood to others? How will it benefit me? Donating blood will affect my health? These questions must be swirling around your head when you think about blood donation. You don’t have to worry about our health while donating blood because science has proved that donating blood regularly is beneficial for the recipient as well as the donor.

Donating blood is helpful for the major organs, and it prevents chronic diseases such as stroke and cancer. Blood is required every minute, the amount depends on the victim's conditions. India often witnesses the shortage of blood.

This World Blood Donor Day, whose theme is “Give blood. Give now. Give often,” one should know the importance of donating blood not only for the recipient but also the donor.

Here are few advantages of blood donation:

  1. Reduce risk of heart attacks and liver ailment

The liver and heart-related problem are occurred due to the high level of iron in the body. If you donate blood regularly the iron level in the body reduces.


       2. The risk of cancer lowers low

Donating blood regularly balances the iron level in the blood and the risk of liver, intestine, and lungs cancer gets lower.


      3. Development of new red blood cells

After the 48 hours of blood donation, the body starts making the new red blood cells. The replenishment process aids in staying healthy.


      4. Maintain weight

This benefit would make you happy that the process of blood donation can burn around 650 calories for every pint which is like 450 ml of blood.


      5. Prevents premature aging

Blood donation actually helps in getting rid of stress on your body and mind. Besides, it keeps the skin intact and wrinkle-free.