What Makes Jaggery An Excellent Substitute For Sugar?

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Jaggery is a natural brown color sweetening substance, which is made from sugarcane. The presence of sucrose, a natural sweetening compound makes it the best substitute for sugar. Find doctor nearby with Cureplus


Health effects of sugar


Sugar is an artificial sweet-tasting substance, which is considered as unhealthy as well as bad for person’s health. Although, sugar is also derived from sugarcane, during its process of making it undergoes so many stages that most of its nutritional value is lost. It is a carbohydrate, which will ultimately get converted into fat once inside the body.


Given below are some of the health problems associated with the consumption of processed sugars.

·         Increased hunger


·         Elevated sugar cravings

·         Spikes in blood sugar levels

·         Alters insulin resistance

·         Weight gain & obesity

·         Increased build up of body fats


If you are following a weight loss diet, you must replace sugar with natural sweeteners. It is because refined sugar does not have any nutritional value and only causes unwanted weight gain.  


How does jaggery help in weight loss?


Jaggery is all natural does not have any artificial chemicals. It is loaded with essential minerals and fiber. The presence of high nutrient value and absence of added chemicals make it a healthy substitute for sugar as well as an effective weight loss food.


Here are weight loss benefits of jaggery (natural sugar).


·         Jaggery has vitamins that help to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance in the body and also improves metabolism. Better metabolism means the faster burning of calories and weight loss.

·         Water retention plays a major role in weight gain process. Jaggery helps in reducing water retention and promotes natural weight loss.

·         It triggers a regular bowel movement and helps activate the digestive enzyme in the body. This results in faster digestion of food and thus relieves constipation.


·         Jaggery is a powerful detoxifying food. It cleans the liver by washing off the harmful and unwanted toxins from the body.