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What We Do?

CurePlus is next generation health care service providers; we help common man an easy access to emergency medicine and other medical services.

Cureplus is the best affordable healthcare available today. Our mobile application gives access to healthcare services at affordable price. It covers basic elements such as booking doctor appointments to complex element as finding a blood donor or emergency medicine.

CurePlus is your health partner who assists you in keeping you and your family healthy and sound. We also give you add-on like access to Health insurance, EMRMS, E wallet where you can earn your medical expenses.

Our services includes diagnostic centers, blood banks & donor, pharmacy and doctors nearby Bangalore. Get access to various insurance companies and choose the best health insurance for you and your family with best discounts. Have access to emergency medicine or pharmacy 24/7. Enjoy the advantage of multiple payment gateways. Know your Doctors better. Become a blood bank yourself. Help – connect – refer-Donate and save lives. Easy and hassle free system for doctors/patients. E-wallet within the app where you can store credits and use it with our various healthcare services. Earn vouchers, gifts, credits and more.

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  • cure plus reviews

    Good services i will recomended others for treatment satisfaction and i am happy with Cure Plus.

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Latest from our blog

Can Stress and Anxiety Lead To Erectile Dysfunction

Posted In: Family & Marriage Counseling

2018-04-17 45


What is erectile dysfunction? – It is a condition in males when they face the inability to keep or get an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

Occasional erectile dysfunction isn’t a cause for concern. If this condition is continuing issue, however, it can lead to stress, depression & isolation, problems in the relationship, and affect your self-confidence. Keeping a firm erection could also be an alarming sign of an underlying health problem that needs to be diagnosed.


What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?


You are suffering from erectile dysfunction if you regularly have:

  • Trouble in keeping or getting an erection
  • Reduced interest in sex
  • The problem in maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse

The common causes of ED can be anything naming from hectic work schedule to an unhealthy lifestyle. But usually, men having certain stress dealing with this condition once or more in their life.

Other possible causes of erectile dysfunction could be:

  • Diabetes
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Aging
  • Injuries
  • Damage from surgery or cancer
  • Overweight
  • Drug
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol


How to deal with ED?


  • Avoid keeping it to yourself. Don’t hesitate to share it with your partner and your family members.
  • Seek a medical help either from a doctor or psychologist for further intervention.
  • If your job is too stressful, take a break from your hectic schedule for a while.
  • Do not take help from faith healers.
  • Avoid online medicines or treatment packages without professional consultation.


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How to keep you hydrated this summer

Posted In: Dietician-Nutritionist

2018-04-16 56


Along with unbearable heat hot weather and lots of outdoor activities under the strong sun rays, summers can also lead to dehydration if you’re not careful. Maintaining the body fluid is essential for health, if you fail, it can have serious effect system and drinking water, as well as other healthy fluids, is crucial to do the same.


Avoid fruit punch, instant energy drinks and other sugary beverages as such fluids can result in dehydration. In case you are drinking alcohol, make sure you drink plenty of water.


Here are few tips to stay hydrated during hot and flashy summers:


  • Drink water

Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.


  • Drink coconut water

Coconut water is not only delicious but also loaded with electrolytes; it can be the best alternative to water on hot days.


  • Swap water with diluted fruit juices

If drinking water is tasteless for you, you can swap water with diluted fruit juices. Make sure these juices are natural, 100% fruits with no added sugar, such as cranberry juice or apple juice, and then just add some water for dilution.


  • Spice up water plain glass of water

Add a slice of fruit in your plain glass of water to spice it up. Lemon or lime slices are the best options and they also make your glass of water more refreshing. You can also use slices of mandarin orange, cucumber, or grapefruit. Along with improving the taste of your water, you also give a punch of vitamin C to your plain glass of water.


  • Avoid instant energy drinks

Anything that is high in caffeine or sugar can make your dehydrated, so avoid sugary beverages as well as instant energy drinks.


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Home remedies to treat pink eye (Conjunctivitis)

Posted In: Eye Specialist

2018-04-13 51


Pink eye, otherwise known as conjunctivitis, is an uncomfortable and irritating eye condition caused by a virus, bacteria, or allergies. This condition has symptoms such as itching, tearing, redness, inflammation, and burning sensation in the eyes.

In most of the cases, pink eye clears up within few days without any treatment required. But in other cases, the doctor prescribes antibiotic eye drops or creams to every patient. Whether the infection is caused by bacteria or virus in both cases, the infection is highly contagious.

Conjunctivitis can also be triggered by certain allergens including smoke, air pollution, pollen, eye drops, makeup, and is seen among people with hay fever and other allergic condition.


Given below are some remedies to treat pink eye at home.


  • Green Tea

The presence of bioflavonoid in green tea makes it an effective way to relieve inflammation and irritation caused by pink eye while combating bacterial and viral infection. Take a damp green tea bag and place it over your closed eye.


  • Aloe Vera Gel

The components such as aloin and amodin in Aloe Vera gel have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Aloe Vera has some important benefits including its ability to reduce inflammation and fasten healing.

As you notice the signs of conjunctivitis, place some Aloe Vera gel around the eye and eyelid.


  • Tulsi

Tulsi is also called as Indian basil, it is best known for its healing power. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties make it best element to protect the eyes from free radicals and environmental damage. It also has anti-viral, fungal and bacterial properties, which are effective to fight infections in the eye.


  • Turmeric

Turmeric is loaded with healing compounds, and it reduces inflammation. It also has the power to fight bacterial infection and can soothe pink eye symptoms when applied to the eyes.

Mix two tablespoons of turmeric powder in one cup of boiled water. Soak a clean cotton pad in the mixture and apply it around the eye and eyelid.

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